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Become a CPR & First Aid Instructor

For the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)


Instructor Development Course

Two Day Class--16 hours

March 21 & 22, 2015 in NorthEastern FL

2016  Class Dates Pending

 Locations and Dates: TBA

Taught by Leslie Mugg, RN

ASHI CPR & First Aid Instructor and Instructor Trainer

Add'l classes can be scheduled for 4 or more at your location


  • Great opportunity to make extra money and teach a valuable skill!
  • Setting up an internal CPR Department is cost effective for employee training.
  • Specialized Instructor classes can be set up for your business at your facility.

This class is $250 including IDC Manuals plus $25 application fee.

($25 fee waived if starting new Training Center)

CPR Class prerequisite for IDC Class if CPR Certification not current.

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305 781-0102                                                                                  P.O. box 217

Lesliea58@yahoo.com                                                                       Hawthorne, FL 32640


Instructor Development Course                                        Date:  ____/____/20____



Participant Name                                                           Training Center Name/Company


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$50 deposit required by 1st of the month guarantee space and balance due on 1st day of class.


Please indicate here if you will require the CPR Class prior to instructor class.         yes     no   

Mandatory attendance at CPR course if your certification is not current.                    (No additional charge)