Learn CPR NOW!
Because you never know...


Classes held in NE Florida.  Call today to schedule a class for your staff, business, students or group.  Only 1/2 day training to SAVE A LIFE!

Learn CPR NOW!

CPR and First Aid Training can reduce and/or eliminate work related medical expenses and save thousands of dollars for yourself and your business.

CPR Classes can be taught at your location, customized to your needs along with other safety and health classes.  Preventing an accident or injury is ideal but not always possible.


  • Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in adults.
  • The average survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest is 5% and more than 40% with CPR and defibrillation.
  • Brain cells die in 4-6 minutes when deprived of oxygen. Seconds Count!
  • The average time it takes an ambulance to arrive is over 10 minutes.
  • The Good Samaritan Law in all 50 states protect the lay responder when helping a person in need.
  • CPR and First Aid Training help you recognize an emergency and take quick action to prevent further injury or death.


At work, in the shopping mall, at the park, or just relaxing at home...recognizing an emergency and taking quick action is the key to saving a life, preventing further injury and improving the outcome of a health emergency.  YOU can make a difference by taking a CPR and/or First Aid Course.  Schedule a class today.

Learn CPR NOW!

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